The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

1:1 The book containing the words of Tobit the grandson and son of Tobiel the sons of Ananiel the children of Gabael the children of Aduel the sons of Gabael the children of Asael the descendant of Nephthali

1:2 Enemessar, king of Assyrians, was taken captive from Thisbe in the right-hand corner of the city. This be is properly called Nephthali in Galilee over Aser.

1:3 I Tobit have spent throughout my life on the path of truth and justice, and I gave alms to my brethren and my nation that accompanied me from Nineve into the land of the Assyrians. Movie (

1:4 And when I was in mine home country, in the land of Israel being but young All the tribes of Nephthali, my father’s tribe, fell out of the house of Jerusalem that was selected from all tribes of Israel to be the place where all tribes should offer sacrifices there, and where the temple of the dwelling of the most high was dedicated and constructed for all ages.

1:5 Now all tribes who resisted together, and my father Nephthali’s house, were sacrificed to the Heifer Baal.

1:6 I was the only one who was invited to Jerusalem to feast. It was decreed to all Israel through an everlasting decree. I had the firstfruits, tenths and the most increase with the first shorn. I also gave Aaron’s children Aaron to the priests at the altar.

1:7 I donated the tenth most of all my increase to the Aaron sons who ministered from Jerusalem. Ten percent was the amount I sold and was given each year to Jerusalem.

1:8 The 3rd I gave it to whom it was met, as Debora my mother had commanded me. I was left an orphan after my father died.

1:9 Also, I was born to Tobias at the age for manhood. Petition: Mel Gibson should play Tobit in feature film *

1:10 When we were taken captive to Nineve, all my brothers and those in my family ate the bread of the Gentiles.

1:11 I did not want to take food;

1:12 For God is the only one I’m able to remember with all my heart.

1:13 The Most High granted me grace prior to Enemessar and favor to be my supplier.

1:14 I went into Media and then left Gabael, my brother Gabrias’ home at Rages, a city of Media 10 talent silver.

1:15 When Enemessar passed away, Sennacherib was his son and ruled the estate. I was not able to join Media due to the controversies in his estate.

1:16 During the Enemessar period, I offered many alms my brethren and gave my bread for the hungry.

1:17 My clothes are to be naked. And if I saw any of my nation dead, or cast about the walls of Nineve I laid him to rest.

1:18 Now, if Sennacherib had killed anyone one, at the time it was his turn to kill, I ran away from Judea.

1:19 One of the Ninevites complained to me to the King. I buried the Ninevites and hid my face, recognizing that I was wanted to be executed, he retreated.

1:20 All my possessions were taken and taken away. There was no other thing than my wife Anna and my son Tobias.

1:21 And it was not five and fifty more days before two of his brothers killed him. They fled into the mountains of Ararath, where Sarchedonus, Sarchedonus’s son, reigned.

1:22 After Achiacharus interacted for me, I returned home to Nineve. Achiacharus was the cupbearer and keeper the signet. He also served as the overseer and steward of accounts. Sarchedonus appointed him next to him. He was also the brother of my.

2:1 I was at home again with Anna my wife and Tobias my son. At the feast Pentecost that is the holy feast for seven weeks, I was served a great meal, which I then sat down to take in.

2:2 When I saw the abundance of meat, I asked him, “Go, bring the poorest man thou is able to find among us. He is mindful of the Lord,” and lo, he tarries to me.

2:3 But he returned and said to his father. A nation of ours has been strangled and is set to be sold on the market.

2:4 Then, before I could taste meat at all, I began to get to take him up to a room until sunset of the sun.

2:5 Then I went back to wash the dishes and then I ate the meat in the heavy.

2:6 Take note of the prophecy Amos made, which said, “Your feasts will be shattered in mourning, all your joy will turn to lamentation.”

2:7 Therefore, I wept: and when the sun was going down, the sun, I went out and made a grave, and then buried him.

2:8 My neighbours laughed at me and commented, “This man isn’t yet afraid to die for this matter who has fled? Yet, lo, the dead are again buried.”

2:9 Also the next night, I went back to the burial and slept on the wall of the courtyard. The air was filthy and my face was visible

2:10 I had no idea there were sparrows in that wall. And mine eyes being opened, the sparrows put warm dung into my eyes. A whiteness was then observed in my eyes. Then I visited my doctor. However, they didn’t do anything. Achiacharus, however, took care of me until Elymais.

2:11 And my wife Anna took women’s work to complete.

2:12 When she took her children home, the owners paid her the wages and also gave her an infant.

2:13 When it came into my home, and she began to weep I asked the child, Where is this kid? Was it stolen? Give it to the owner. It’s not legal to eat anything that has been stolen.

2:14 She said that It was a gift that was worth more than the money. Howbeit I did not believe her, and I demanded her render the money to the owner: and I was astonished at her. She responded, “Where is your alms?” All thy work and deeds are well-known.

3:3 So I, being sad, wept and in my sorrow, I prayed “

3:2 O God is thou righteous, and all thine actions and ways are mercy & truth and that thou judgest with integrity and justice for ever.

3:3 Remind me, and watch me.

3:4 They did not obey the commands of God. Therefore, thou hast provided us with a loss unto captivity and death and as a proverbial reproach for all nations.

3:5 Then thy judgments shall be true and many: Deal with me in accordance with my sins, and my father’s. We haven’t kept your commandments, nor have we been honest in our conduct.

3:6 Now, deal with me in the way you think fit, and order my spirit to be removed from me, so that I can be dissolved and become earth. This is due to the fact that it’s economically profitable for me to not live.

3:7 On the same day it was discovered that in Ecbatane the town in Media Sara, the daughter Raguel was also rebuked and beat by the maids of her father’s.

3:8 She was married seven times to men who Asmodeus the devil, killed before she was born. They asked if they knew that you had already smothered your husbands. You have had seven husbands before, and thou was not named for any one of them.

3:9 What is the reason why thou doest beat them for us? If they pass away then you are able to follow them. We will never see you again, whether as a son or as a daughter.

3:10 After hearing these words 3:10, she was so angry that she thought she would be strangled. She said, “I am only daughter of mine. If this happens this will be a reproach against him and bring my old age with grief to his grave.”

3:11 Then she prayed toward the window and said, Blessed art thou, O Lord my God and thy reverent and holy name is blessed and honourable forever and all your work be a praise to thee forever.

3:12 Now I, Lord, put my eyes and face toward thee,

3:13 and declare, “Take me out of this earth to ensure that I not be able to hear the reproach.”

3:14 Thou art conscious, Lord, of the fact that I am without sin with men

3:15 I have not ever tainted my name, or the name of my father in my prisoner’s land: I am the only daughter of my father, neither hath he any child to be his heir, nor any of his kin or son of his alive, to whom I may be a bride My seven husbands are dead; and why should I live? If you are pleased that my death should be considered, I will be humble and will take no further reproach.

3:16 So, their prayers were heard by God the Great.

3:17 Raphael was appointed as a healer for them both. This is to remove the whiteness from Tobit’s eyes and also to gift Sara the daughter of Raguel to Tobias the son of Tobit and to tie Asmodeus and to bless her with the evil spirit. Sara was a part of Tobias through her inheritance. Tobit returned home at the same time, and Sara, daughter of Raguel was welcomed into his home.

4:1 In that day Tobit remembered the money which he had committed to Gabael in Rages of Media,

4:2 And he said with him, I’ve been wishing death, so why don’t you call for Tobias my son so that I can be a signer of his account prior to my death

4:3 Then he called him and said, My son. You can bury me after I die.

4:4 Remember my child that she saw many dangers to thee when thou wast in the womb; and when she’s gone, you’ll bury her by myself in a single grave.

4:5 My son, remain aware of our Lord our God throughout your life, and let not thy will be set to sin, or to transgress his commandments Do righteous all your life long, and follow no unrighteous ways.

4:6 Because if you deal with integrity, your actions will be successful to all who live justly.

4:7 Give alms of your wealth; and when thou givest alms, let not thine eye be jealous, nor look away from the needy, and the eyes of God will not be turned away towards you.

4:8 If thou hast abundance be generous: even If thou hast only a little, be not in a rush to give that little:

4:9 For thou hast accumulated an abundance of wealth in the face of need.

4:10 For the reason that alms deliver from death, and suffereth not to come into darkness.

4:11 For alms is a great gift to anyone who gives it in the sight of the Most high.

4:12 Beware! My son, take a wife of the father’s seed and don’t get married to a woman from a different tribe. We are the sons of the prophets Noe and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

4:13 Now, my son, love and respect thy brothers, the daughters, sons, and sons of thy people. Pride causes destruction, much trouble and lewdness deteriorates, and there is great demand. Lewdness is the mother reason for famine.

4:14 Do not let any man’s wages, which he wrought for you, stall you. Give him the money immediately. For God is faithful to his servants.

4:15 Do that to no person whom thou hates do not drink alcohol to make you drunk: neither let alcohol be a part of your journey.

4:16 Give bread to those who are hungry and of your clothes to those who are naked. Then according to your abundance, give alms. And do not let your eyes be jealous when thou givest alms.

4.17 Don’t forget to give all the good things to the poor.

4:18 Take counsel from the wise. Don’t be afraid to seek profitable counsel.

4:19 Praise God your God and seek his direction, so that all thy routes are guided and all thy plans and advices will be successful. Every nation doesn’t have counsel; God is the only one who can give positive things to everyone.

4.20 Now I declare I’ve got ten talents to offer Gabael, Gabrias’ son at Rages in Media.

4:21 Do not be afraid of the fact that we become poor. For thou hast wealth if thou fears God.

5:1 Tobias responded and said, “Father, I will do every thing you have commanded me to.”

5:2 I do not know the man, so how can I get the money?

5:3 He handed him the handwriting and said, “Seek thee a fellow man while I am still alive and I’ll pay you wages. Get the cash.”

5:4 So when he tried to find a man, He found Raphael who was an angel.

5:5 He didn’t know. He asked him “Canst you travel to Rages with me? Do you know the places I mentioned?

5:6 An angel told him, I will follow thee. I am aware of the right way, because I am lodgee with Gabael.

5:7 Tobias responded and told him, Tarry, until I inform your father.

5:8 He told him, “Go and don’t tarry.” He went into the house and informed his father “Behold I have a friend who will go with me.” He then said to his father “Call me to my Father so that I can know what tribe that he belongs to and whether he will be an honest man to travel alongside me.”

5:9 He then called him, and the man was in.

5:10 Tobit then said unto him: Brother Tell me the tribe you belong to and what family thou is.

5:11 To whom he asked, Would thou look for an entire family or tribe or a hired person who could accompany the boy? Tobit answered, “I would know brother, thy type and name.”

5:12 Then, he stated, Azarias is the son of Ananias The great as well as of thy fellows.

5:13 Tobit replied, “Thou art most welcome, brother.” He claimed that Tobit was right.

5:14 But, tell me how much you be willing to pay me? I will give thee a drachm per day and all other things as my son.

5:15 YAY! I will also add something to your wages in the event that you can return home in a safe manner.

5:16 And they were happy. Then he said to Tobias, Prepare thyself for the journey, and God send you a good journey. When his son had prepared all things for the journey and was ready, his father told him, Go thou with this man and God, which dwelleth in heaven, will bless your journey, and the angels of God keep you company. So they went forth both, and the dog of the young man was with them.

5:17 Anna her mother wept and inquired of Tobit why he had taken her son away. Is he not the staff of our hand when he goes into and out of our midst?

5:18 Don’t be overly greedy when you add money to money, however, it should be done with reverence for our child.

5:19 5:19. The Lord has granted us the capacity to live in accordance with the gift he has given us. is sufficient.

5:20 Then said Tobit to her, Take no care, my sister; the man will return safe, and thine eyes shall be able to see him.

5:21 The angels will keep him company. His journey will be profitable and he’ll return home safe.

5:22 And she ceased weeping.